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Korea with Skyscanner

It’s been a good 3 years since I’ve left my blog due to work commitments, and I’ve been struggling with the thought of coming back to it with a space of my own that I could distinguish my personal life and projects from work. I’ll be honest it does feel a little terrifying and exciting to have a platform like this again. It really hasn’t been easy juggling everything on hand, and I’m close to forgetting how it feels like to pen down my thoughts and life happenings, but I wanted a photographic avenue to document the things that inspire me and the pursuit of what I love in life. The passion to strive and create beautiful images out of work pushes me to get back on track and to never stop creating. Travel, love and light- that sums up what this blog would be all about.

I had last visited Korea when I was 9 years old, and when the opportunity to visit came earlier on, I couldn’t possibly say no to it.  Prior to this Korea trip, I had already been using Skyscanner for a couple of previous trips that I was on this year. I love how fuss-free it is and best of all, it is completely free. In this first blog post, I’m going to take you guys through the entire journey of my Korea trip, and how I booked my trip through the Skyscanner site.

And… wait for your results to be generated!

There are a few key features on Skyscanner that I’d like to highlight to you guys:

Skyscanner Search Everywhere: Clueless where to head to next? Start off your search by keying in “Everywhere” in the destination field.

Price alerts: Wait up for the best flight deals by signing up with Skyscanner for its price alerts feature! You’ll get daily updates via email on the flight prices to the destination in mind when there are changes to the price of your selected flight.

Cheapest Month Feature: If you have a flexible date for your travel and you’re simply looking for the cheapest month to fly, you’ll love this feature. In the date selection part, choose the “Cheapest month” option and let Skyscanner do the rest of the work for you.



If you hadn’t already known, there is a skyscanner app that allows you the breeze of browsing while you are on your mobile.

I’ll let the images take you through our trip! We first landed in Seoul during daybreak, and then we took the transfer flight over to Jeju.

Initially, our proposed trip was 7D6N but we had it cut down to a 6D5N trip because this year end season is an extremely hectic period for me and I couldn’t afford the additional day away. It was a pity because it felt a little too short but us to really do any proper exploring like we would love to, and we are always over ambitious when it comes to seeking out new places that interest us. Moreover, we took the chance to explore Jeju for 2 days but it was unfortunate to be met with Typhoon Chaba during the short stint there, and it was scary no doubt, but I’ll say that it was an eyeopener for us to be caught in the first typhoon of our life. I wouldn’t wish for it again of course! If you had caught the videos I posted on Snapchat/ Instagram Story from that night, you’d understand what I had experienced. Judging from the amount of BBQs we had while we were in Seoul, I hate to admit but I did put on the extra pounds when I returned. But hey, no regrets because it was so good. I think the main highlight of the trip would have to be Hanuel Park, where I witnessed the beauty of the silver grass (or what Singaporeans would describe as ‘lalangs’) this autumn season for myself. A dear friend of mine dropped me a text about it while I was in Seoul, and I’m glad we took the hike up. It was beautiful, and I’d say that’s an understatement. Go for it if you are there this November. You can also look up for #SmittenpixelsXKorea on Instagram to view bite-sized images of our trip.

Thank you Skyscanner, for the amazing opportunity to travel to Seoul again after so many years. If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, here’s the direct link for Singapore-Incheon flights where you can check for the estimated lowest prices for the entire month. There’s obviously a lot more to do, and I wish we had the luxury of time. Enjoy the beautiful weather and have lots of food and shopping for me! (:


And, thank you for reading this space and being on this ride with me again. xx

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