About Us

About Us

A collective of passionate film and image-makers who believe in genuine connections between people, and their stories inspire us to create timeless work evoking memories and emotions. Messy hair moments, trekking into the forest or even up a hill, chasing epic light, and real fleeting moments resonate with us. We believe in our work having documentary value, hence we keep things real in hopes that you walk away from the session feeling more in love than ever.

It’s about the mood, lots of mood… and pouring your souls out to one another while we document the best moments of your life as it slowly unravels. At the end of the day, your keepsakes would have preserved your moments with exact remembrance of the good memories.



If our images resonate with you, let’s get together to create magic.


How we’re like behind the scenes, the things we believe in, and some of our personal favourite things.


Hi, I’m Fiona! I love chasing light and I have always been known to be the one who feels very deeply. I cannot live without my music and caffeine.


Photography has been the biggest part of my life, and I can’t remember a life before it. It has immortalized all of the fleeting moments of my life, of a time and space where everything was right where it was meant to be. It helps me to remember so much. Memories get blurred between the pages of the mind, and photos I’ve taken through my life has pieced these fragments of what I struggle to feel into permanence, and this is something I hold onto dearly.


So here I am, doing what I do because I love witnessing Love. I hope to help you remember yours- the connection, light, love and raw intimacy shared in the most honest way possible. In creating work with legacy, it gives purpose to the relationships that I photograph and this is what keeps me grounded.


I hope you look at the photographs in decades to come and realize they are timeless.


Hello! My name is Shaun and I am humbled and honoured that you have found your way here!


As a kid, I have always enjoyed being a quiet observer of people. I’ve come to recognise all of us as characters in our own stories of life, and discovering photography was a way I could express myself and tell these stories through my eyes.


I am hugely inspired by movies, and this lends itself to me striving to create cinematic images in honest authentic moments and real genuine connections. I believe that the most surreal things happen in familiar places, and to be fully present in the here and now may we find these moments of magic to be more real than we thought.


I hope to create with these moments, images that slow us down and reconnect with the feelings we felt and the stories we’ve missed.


And with it, a reminder to appreciate the present moment and to enjoy it to the fullest.


Hi there! I’m Dorothy. I am a hopeless romantic (the movie ‘Titanic’ started it all) and a free spirit.


Portraiture was my first love, and then came weddings. I would be lying if I told you that at most weddings, I try to look like I wasn’t just tearing up less than 5 minutes ago.  This is why I love what I do; every wedding and every event immerses me in an entirely different experience and the people I meet come from all walks of life, yet all of them share a magical and profound feeling that many find hard to put into words.


There is a purity of emotion we experience in our relationships, and that is what I want to capture in photographs. I hope that people will look at these little snippets in time and find a new kind of comfort.


I love Love, and I want you to love Love too.