Ivy’s Maternity Virtual Photoshoot on FaceTime

by Fiona

We did our first FaceTime shoot with Ivy, and it was unexpectedly rewarding. We have to admit, we were not big on virtual photoshoots, but the current #stayhome circuit breaker situation forbids any form of proximity and physical shoots, and a postponement of her maternity shoot isnt feasible with her due date nearing. Plans for a family shoot with baby Charlotte was underway, but we took the leap of faith and gave Ivy a phone call to ask if she would like to have some photos taken over FaceTime through the phone to document her pregnancy, and she was overjoyed. With no expectations in mind, we went forth purely wanting to have some fun with the couple to make images together.

The end result was being able to connect with them over a meaningful short session (with lots of chit chats about cats) and having these keepsakes for remembrance of a point in time where life was such.