Jeslyn & Victoria Melbourne Elopement

by Fiona

MUA: Adeline Ariel. Gown: Gownhaus SG.



Love is love.

On 19th May 2019, Jeslyn & Victoria said “I do” to a same sex marriage in Australia and decided to mark the occasion with an engagement shoot and a road trip. 8 years of photography, and this marks my first witnessing and documenting a lesbian wedding.


I’ve never seen my bestfriend, Victoria, happier or healthier mentally having found her steadfast pillar of strength who build her up in ways beyond any one of us could. I’ve never seen her glow the way she did during this trip through the 15 years of friendship and I can accertain that this is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Everyone’s journey is different. Same-sex marriage should equally be accepted and celebrated. Love is love, and any form of real love is, precious as hell. From the registrar of marriage, to the light play in our Airbnb apartment that evening which was unexpectedly rewarding that night, to long road trip down to the Twelve Apostles. We spent the next morning chasing light again before we parted ways. What an adventure it has been in Melbourne with these two.


We would love to share the words bride who has posted about her same-sex marriage:

“True love is mundane in its origins, if not in its conclusion. That is to say, true love is not discovered all of a sudden, at first sight, but rather it’s the product of immense work, constant attention, and sacrifice.

To the people who know our story, to the people who jeered on us behind our backs, to the people who supported us endlessly and stuck through with us, thank you. If not for you, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

And to the people of this world who are struggling with love, sexuality, identities, or anything else the society deems abnormal, be brave. Your courage and actions define you, while theirs define them.”